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Because I'm a MAN!

This week a fantastic thing happened in the social media sphere: Old Spice created A LOT of customer love through the use of social media.  Old Spice’s new (and hilarious) spokesman asked the Twitterverse to send him questions.  People did, and very quickly he replied to them in hilarious short video posts on Old Spice’s YouTube channel.

I must admit that I love Old Spice’s new commercial series featuring Isaiah Mustafa as the ultimate man’s man.  This idea just really works well in my mind.  Most people know about and many have quoted, or posted video of the Old Spice commercials on social networks already.  This experience gave them a direct line to this hilarious fictional character who then talked back.  This is the part that I am most happy about.  Open communication.

I believe that social media gives businesses and consumers the chance to communicate openly and honestly with one another, and that can only lead to better companies, better products and a better consumer environment in general.

I know that this was not soliciting feedback on the product.  But it was directly involving the consumer in an advertising campaign.  More importantly, it was DIRECTLY INVOLVING THE CONSUMER.  How many times have you used a product and thought, “If it just did this one thing, it would be perfect.”?   We have the chance to do that with the companies that are listening.  The companies that are not listening will soon find out that thousands, or even millions of people are shaping what their company is, for better or worse.

This post is about social media and its power in the business and consumer world.  It is also about a tool that is pushing society to be more open and more collaborative.  I think that is a very good thing.

Here are some of my favorites from Mustafa at Old Spice:

And the BEST ONE (I love Bacon):