Social Media Shaman – Ashton Kutcher is the New Oprah

Ashton cares about what he shares.

For quite some time now Oprah has been a king-maker.  You go on Oprah’s television show, your (insert product or service here) blows up.  Oprah’s book club selection regularly becomes the number one best seller within a week of being her choice.  Want to be labeled as crazy, just go on Oprah’s show and jump on a couch.  People will be talking about it years later.  It even works the other way.  If Oprah gets mad at you, just watch your life fall apart into a Million Little Pieces.

But now we have many more media choices above and beyond television.  One of the biggest media darlings right now is Twitter.  And on Twitter, Ashton is Oprah.  Ashton is regularly in the top 3 Twitter accounts by number of followers.  And if Ashton links to your product, service, project you hit gold.  One tweet by Ashton can lead to 50,000 hits to your website and most likely servers crashing left and right.

While the media has changed, the role has not.  Both Oprah and Ashton share things with their followers that they think will entertain, inform or simply better their lives in some way.

What I think is very important to see though is the role of caring in this position that they both occupy.  When both are promoting anything, you can tell that they both care.  Ashton wrote eloquently (Albeit shortly, 140 characters do not allow for novels.) about what was going on during the Haiti earthquake and how his followers could help.  I wrote earlier about Oprah getting angry about the deception that the author of A Million Little Pieces pulled on her and her audience.  She got authentically worked up about someone lying to her followers.  That love and caring for the people you work for shows through in their dealings with everyone.

This is an important lesson that I think everyone should take away; care about what you do and who you do it for.  If you do, the heights you can rise to are amazing.

And if you don’t get that out of this post, here is one of my favorite videos that Ashton ever shared with me: