The Small Things

Yesterday I got shit done. What is amazing to me is how small something has to be to affect me. I was searching for deals for Ron and Guy and had probably spent about an hour with no results. I was frustrated and thinking that I was screwed. I was never going to find a good deal. Then I found one.  My entire outlook changed.

What is even more amazing was that they told me that they had  seen that deal a month ago and went to inspect the properties and they needed way more work than would ever make it a deal anywhere  near list price. I wasn’t phased though. I knew I would keep searching and find another deal.

Small things can affect us every  day. Then I think about the big things. My dad going through his health issues. Thor going through back surgery. It amazes me what the small things can do to me.

I am grateful for talking to Thor.

I am grateful his nerve pain is gone.

I am grateful my father is still with us.

I am grateful my girls have good friends to play with.

I am grateful my girls want to snuggle.

I am grateful Amber always wants to get better.

I am grateful I get to run.

I am grateful when my breaths are deep.

I am grateful for warm weather.

I am grateful for holding Amber.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch