Shaping Sound and Sticking to It

Last night I was able to go to Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound and I loved it.  I have never been to a professional dance show. I have watched most of So You Think You Can Dance.  What was really interesting is that normally I need to watch whatever the camera is pointing at.  Last night I could choose to look anywhere and change my focus at any time. It was really cool to stay in the moment and see where my focus flowed. Many times it was on the primary dancers. Many times I would find myself enjoying the background.  It was truly a fantastic show!

I also am daily finding myself wanting to slack off.  And I am finding that I get over it and work out. I get over it and make my calls. I get over it and I follow up.  It is me wanting to be lazy and comfortable today.  It is me saying I am doing well enough. I have decided that I want to do much better.  I have decided that I want the goals that I have chosen and I am going to do what is necessary to achieve those goals.  I am going to become the Ryan Lynch that I know I can become.  I read an interesting quote that said: If you can’t take the setbacks then you are not ready for success. Setbacks happen.  Keep going and so will success.

I am grateful for so many amazing women in my life.  Hanging with my daughters yesterday was what life is all about. Going to the show with my sister, mother, and Amber was a great way to spend the night.

I am grateful for good people to help me out. Even though we are having fun with our upstairs bathroom right now, I have good people who are working hard to help me.

I am grateful for America sticking to power instead of force. Reading everything that is going on with the election right now makes me grateful that everyone sees bullying and bullshit for what it is.

Thank you for this life!

~Ryan Lynch