September 28th, 2016

I am so happy and grateful now that I have two amazing daughters who are so good to me.  Yesterday, Amber left for a conference in Baltimore.  Which means that she was home in the morning and I got to see her just a little bit more in my day, which I am always grateful for.

It also meant that I got Hailey and Nora all to myself in the evening.  We came home and Nora requested pancakes for dinner. So the girls hung out while I cooked.  They are both so good to me.  Then they went with me to Kyla’s final walk-through and both acted so well.  Finally, I got to put them both to bed. I am so grateful to have two amazing daughters. Yesterday, Hailey started attempting to stand by herself. A couple of times she let go of everything and stood for 2-3 seconds.  She is amazing!

I also find myself waffling in my convictions.  Yesterday, I made the minimum number of calls that I needed to, and then found distractions from doing more.  It has been my mode of operation to get  a string of good business going (like I did last week) and then back off and feel comfortable.  So I am redoubling my efforts to stick to doing what I need to do to get what I need to get. Since I committed to doing my miracle morning, I have not missed a single week day.  So I am taking that same commitment to staying consistent with lead generation and lead follow up.  That is actually the whole point to the miracle morning.

~Ryan Lynch