Ryan Lynch, The Pansy

So I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was talking to a client about the project, and she said something to the effect of “Is this a soft breakup?” Basically asking if I was trying to get out of the deal without being the one to break it off, and it completely made me go ‘Whoa, yeah.” It is the same thing I did when I wanted to break up with girls when I was younger. Try and spin it in a way so that they would break up with me and I didn’t have to feel guilty.

So it was very good to have that realization, and learn that I am going to have to man up to be in the business world and be more direct about what I want. It was not good to put a client in that position, and looking back at break-ups with girlfriends, it was incredibly weak and selfish to try and pass that guilt to them.

It is always good to find a deficiency that I can correct. And I feel like this is a big one. I usually am very direct, some would even say blunt. But I apparently am not a fan of delivering bad news. (Although I don’t know many who are.)

Oh well, just one more thing to work on in the future. Business should not be about feelings, it should be about what makes economic sense, and in a broader sense, what will benefit producer and consumer the most overall. Now, to just stop being a pansy. . .