Ryan Lynch, Fiance

Well I have had some pretty big life events happen recently.  I moved down to Des Moines.  So now I have an hour commute each day to and from work.  But it isn’t terrible.  I use the time to download some “software for the brain.”  Most recently I have been listening to the A to Z Blueprint.  It is great, and I highly recommend it to anyone starting out in the information marketing business. 

But the really big news:  I GOT ENGAGED!

My Lovely Fiance

My Lovely Fiance

She gave me the best birthday present ever!  I am so excited to have a fiance.

Plus we went on vacation up to the lake in Minnesota.  I did all three of these things within a 10 day period, so you could say I have been a little busy of late.

But now that things have settled a bit, I was able to sit down and talk with Caeli last night and she has been rocking.  She put a bunch of content together and we are getting ready to start using Aweber to begin to build a list of clients.

Right now the goals are to start to build our list, and then talk to them about what products and services they are looking for.  With a longer range goal of having our first product out by the beginning of November. 

Life is good.  Life will get better.