Restart, Leveled Up

Keep Going! Never Stop!

Yesterday (while gushing) I said that I had decided to start over (AGAIN!!!) on my business search.  What I meant by this is not that I am starting from scratch.  I still have two very good ideas and I am pursuing both of them.  What I did mean was that the path I was following turned out to be a bad one.  I am still following Glenn Livingston’s method, and I still highly recommend him to others.  I just found that I was still too broad in my target.

Explanation: I am working with one of my best friends, Caeli Esser, to try and get her fitness business translated to the online arena.  I have been going down this path, but the niche that I was studying was not really a niche at all.  I was so broad and undefined that all of my data came back saying this will never work.  So I have scrapped the broad path and am now going to work with Caeli to try and find a very specific niche that we can break into.  I am very excited about this!

So, now I begin again.  But I begin with all of the knowledge I have accumulated through my “learning experiences” and a more well defined target because of it.   I can’t wait until I figure all of this out. : )