I am so happy and grateful now that I stay humbled and eager to serve.

Another thought that Chris and I discussed on Monday was the aspect of pride and what it can do to you.  At the beginning of 2016 I was filled with pride.  I had achieved a huge business success by my own standards in my level of revenue generated. I thought that I was ready to hire, and I was getting very high level coaching on how to do that.  And those two things combined made me take the eye off the ball of my business.  I ended up having to let go the incredible person that I hired and having to work my ass off to keep my business in the black.  I thought I was hot shit, and it turned out I was far from it.  So now I focus on the pride of doing what needs to be done. I stay consistent. It’s in the show up that you grow up.

I also need to say that last night I got to take Nora to swim lessons.  She was amazing. Not only did she repeatedly put her head under water (something that she has not wanted to do at all), she also learned the frog stroke in one night and got both her arms and legs working together.  I am so proud of that girl. I am so grateful to have amazing women in my life that make me so happy.

Thank you for this life!

~Ryan Lynch