Politics Apparently

I have been watching everything going on with Trump, the media, social media, and politics in general and it has helped me break through some matrices.  I view popping a personal bubble as breaking out of a matrix.  I have had it happen many times in my life, and now I strive for it.  I had a huge realization when I realized that the shows that I enjoy that espouse a democratic point of view are doing the exact same thing as the shows I dislike that espouse a republican point of view: scare people and demonize.  Now, this does not mean that I let Trump off the hook.  The man constantly lies and only thinks about himself. That is not a good leader.

The point that I am working on making is that we need to start seeing the other side as doing what they think is right.  When a liberal looks at a conservative right now, or a conservative looks at a liberal right now, all they see is a stupid asshole who is trying to destroy America. When they look at themselves they see all of the evidence they have collected and experiences they have had and they are working so hard to make others’ experiences better.  We need to look at the other side and come from that point of view.  As long as that liberal, or that conservative is the enemy, we will never try to work with them.  Both sides have fucked up. Both sides are working towards making the world better. Let’s actually discuss it instead of talking point it. Let’s listen to each other and work to make everyone better off.  This is not a competition, it is our world.

I am grateful for walks.

I am grateful for podcasts.

I am grateful for letting Hailey be in control.

I am grateful for Nora getting to dance.

I am grateful for Amber rolling with it.

I am grateful for Emily hanging out.

I am grateful for Jack and Isla coming over for dinner.

I am grateful for Jethros.

I am grateful for working to be healthier.

I am grateful for getting outside!!!

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch