Pleasure vs Comfort

I am so happy and grateful now that I have an amazing coach.

Yesterday I had my weekly coaching call with Chris.  He and I talked about me and where I am at in my journey. He said something that really struck me:

The pleasure of my goals someday, far exceeds the comfort of today.

This is something that I have been thinking about.  I am a fan of comfort.  Many times I have put off what I need to do because I gave myself an excuse.  And many times I have been frustrated that I am not closer to where I truly want to be.  The pleasure of knowing that I achieved my goals when I do vastly exceeds the pleasure I take from slacking off and choosing comfort today.

Beyond that, when I slack off and choose comfort for today I give myself a big dose of pain because I will have that moment of “why are you still so far from your goals?” in the future.  Focusing on that pleasure and pain aspect of it is helping me stay on the track that I want to be on. I wake up early and do my miracle morning. I get on the phone and make my contacts. I have the difficult conversations with people that they need me to have with them so that they can get to where they truly want to be.  I am so grateful that I push myself to help myself and others.

Thank you for this life!

~Ryan Lynch