Persistence is Key

Stick with it.

This weekend I got some bad news.  I was working on my next business when I came to the realization that my top competitors were giving away their products online for free.  They are not doing the exact same thing as me, but they are doing things very similar to me.  However, both of their business models are to give everything away for free online in order to sell tickets to seminars later.

I am sure that this works well for them, since they were the top two businesses that I could find in my category, but it was just a bit infuriating because this is not the business model that I want to follow.  And it will make it harder to sell my product, because no matter what the difference in quality people will flock to free.

So I went for a run and just focused on other things for the rest of the day.  I knew that this meant that I was either going to keep moving forward with this idea to see if I could find a niche for my business, or that I have to start all over again (for the 4th time now) and try and find a more feasible product for this type of business.  Of course, I will take option 3 and do both, but these setbacks can make it very hard to move forward.

Luckily I practice what I preach and I will move forward.  I will figure out a business that works.  I will live the life I want.  Being able to move past the hiccups and roadblocks is what separates the men from the boys. And I aim to prove that I am a man.