I took last week off.  I enjoyed myself, got things done around the house, and enjoyed family and the holiday. What really surprised me thought was that by Saturday I could feel negative thoughts creeping in.  It happened about mid-morning. I just felt negative about the day and about what I was going to do with the day.  I noticed it and shifted my focus. The reason that I wanted to write this though was that even one week of not doing this, one week of not controlling my focus and I fell off so easily.  So, back to it!!!

The Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful.  Thanksgiving was also Mary Lou’s 85th birthday, so everyone was here. All of her children and spouses, their children and significant others, and their children were all together in one place. It was pretty amazing!  I really love how open and loving our entire family is.  I have so much gratitude for being raised in that atmosphere, and Mary Lou is a big part of that.

I got to take a solid walk with Adam and discuss everything that is going on in his life. I really think that I helped him focus and think more clearly about what he wants to do.  I really appreciate having him in my life because he is on such a similar path to me.

Lots of time spent with Nora and Hailey and I love those two so much.  Amber just makes my life better. And I loved getting to brag about her with everyone that I spoke with.  I am so grateful for such an amazing life.


I am grateful for concerts put on by Nora and Isla.

I am grateful for the Bristol Stomp.

I am grateful for Hailey’s giggles.

I am grateful for Amber’s triumphs pushing me further.

I am grateful for pie.

I am grateful for walks and hikes.

I am grateful for me letting myself relax.

I am grateful for me getting myself back into my work.

I am grateful for Supergirl.

I am grateful for laughter.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch