Perchance to Dream

So I have been studying the blueprint and thinking about different businesses that I could do.  And the two that I think that have a real chance of working have to do with two people that I know.  I just talked with Caeli over the weekend about what she wants for her business, and it turns out that we were thinking about some of the exact same things.  So she and I are going to move forward and start a business together.  It will be my first attempt at a continuity website.  I am very excited.  Then once I have this one going, I will talk to Willie about my other idea.

It is very interesting to see the two sides of me while working to create a viable business.  I have the wildly optomistic side already dreaming about all of the things that I am going do to with the money for myself and others.  And then there is the other side that still talks down to myself.  What is great is that I have thought and thought and just found better and stronger reasons to push forward, work harder, do better.  I just keep saying yes, do it, yes.

I will succeed.