Pep Talk

I believe that I have two problems right now: too much desire and too many possibilities.  I am frustrated by things taking so long to happen and the vast majority of them not working.  I understand that anything of value takes time and work in order for it to achieve that value.  I am simply upset that I can not seem to figure out how to derive that value from the time and work that I have put in already.  I am continually coming up with new ideas for businesses and business models.  But, I am unable to create something that produces any return on value.

So what are my choices?  Give up.  Keep going.  Try something new.  I know that the first is not an option.  I have consistently done the last two.  I am simply frustrated.  I know that this means that I have not learned the lesson I need to learn yet.  It seems to be a very hard lesson for me, but one I am determined to learn no matter how long it takes.

I keep thinking of me and women.  I wanted not just any woman, but the perfect woman for a very long time.  From the time I first noticed them until the time that I found Amber.  Being completely honest, that might have been a time period of more than 15 years.  Through those fifteen years I failed, miserably.  For the bulk of it I never even had a girlfriend.  But I never gave up.  I kept trying to understand what I wanted and how I could get it.  In the end it paid off spectacularly.  Nothing makes me happier than to come home and see MY wife.

Hopefully, this entrepreneur thing does not take over 15 years.  Even if it does, I know that I can get there.  The only way I can fail is if I quit.  And I have proven to myself that that is not going to happen.  Bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Pep Talk

  1. If anyone has the will to keep trying it is you. I find inspiration in your blog entries. You always help me to remember what is important in life. Thanks for consistently reminding me to keep my priorities straight and focus on what is really imprtant to me.

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