What is the Difference?

2018 has not been my best year so far. My father is having health issues. One of my best friends is having pain issues. And I am having business issues. Throughout all of that I have had moments of pure joy and I have had moments of incredible pain. What is the difference?  I am in the same situation when I have felt both of these things. The exact same situation.

Takeaways from Tony

One of the big things that I took away from Tony Robbins UPW was that at any moment there are a plethora of ways that I could be feeling and that I could have an effect on those feelings.  I was amazed that I could be tired and starting to zone out and with a few simple moves and words I could be awake, alert and ready to go for hours more.

Tony Robbins

Amber and I just went to our first Tony Robbins experience over this past weekend and it  was incredible.  Over 50 hours in just four days and I would have happily taken more. We focused on state, rewiring some negatively held beliefs, and energy. Since getting back I have been working on Tony’s 10 day challenge for eating and been really impressed with the results so far. It is basically eating for energy and I am amazed by how little that I have to eat to get incredible amounts of energy.

2018 Lessons Learned So Far

So far, 2018 has been a challenge.  What made it even more challenging was that 2017 felt like a huge win. I did more of what I wanted and less of what I didn’t want. Then along comes 2018 and shows  me that I still have a lot of room to grow. Thank you 2018.

Accepting Fear

I have been listening to a book called Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.  This morning I was listening to it while I drove and she was talking about accepting fear, and it gave me the idea that in 2017 I had decided to live with my fear and see what happens. I decided to focus on the parts of my realtor business that I did like (my current clientele) and let go of the parts that I did not like (prospecting for expireds and for sale by owners).

Well, Hello There

I have been thinking about how badly I need to get back to journaling.  I am needing a good place to get down my thoughts.  So here is me writing a post and making myself start the habit.  To be continued TOMORROW!!!

I am grateful for pancakes.

I am grateful for the Joker and Harley Quinn.

I am grateful for BOLD.

I am grateful for my new bike.

I am grateful for Cooper.

I am grateful for good business.

I am grateful for sunshine.

I am grateful for darkness.

You’re Awesome

Nora and I will occasionally have conversations in song. Instead of just talking to each other, we will sing to each other.  As of late, Nora has only been singing one thing to me:

You’re Awesome! You’re Awesome!  I love you! You are Awesome!

I am a very happy daddy.

I am grateful for daddy-daughter days.

I am grateful for sunshine.

I am grateful for camel rides.

I am grateful for carousel rides.

I am grateful for face paint.

I am grateful for feeding the goats.

I am grateful for feeding the fish.

A Family and Friends Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was one of family and friends, and I loved it so much.  I got to hang out with Amber, Hailey, and Nora for so much of it.  I also got to help RJ and my father build RJ’s deck.  We went over to the Rads Saturday morning and I helped RJ and my dad while the girls and kids hung out.  It was wonderful to just be with family and be doing something.  Plus, I got to remove the root!  Sunday morning we went to the sculpture garden and then over to the water feature one block over. Just playing and having fun with the kids in the water was so fulfilling.

Grief and Failure

I got the horrible news on Monday that a friend of mine’s son had died.  This was terrible.  It put me into a weird thought process and made me do some deep diving on me and my failures.  The first was how terrible I felt.  I was afraid to call my friend. What do I say?  I always want to help and make people feel better. What do you say to someone who just had a child die?  I felt so ashamed that I could not call.

Love and Honesty

Yesterday I got to talk to Jim.  Jim had been trying to sell his house for four years.  Today is the closing.  He was so happy that I came in, told him the honest truth about his property and helped him in every way that I could.  Yesterday I stopped by to grab my sign and lock box, and to talk.  He was so happy.  I love getting to truly help people.  I am building a business that is relationship based, and Jim will be a relationship in my business for years to come.  I am thankful for Jim.