The Problem

I have had multiple conversations this week with people in which they tell me a terrible belief that they have about reality and I work to convince them that they chose that belief, and that they can choose a different belief.  It has been interesting.

I thought what I should first focus on is what is the common problem.  For some reason, we think that finding problems/issues/deficiencies will help us get better.  Whenever someone is upset, our go to question is “what’s wrong?”  We are programmed, through our culture and our language to focus on negatives.  The simple example of this is if you take a test and you get 99 questions correct out of 100, what do you focus on?  The FACT that you were right 99% of the time, or the FACT that you were wrong 1% of the time?

My Life

I have been taking away as much as possible in 2017.  Taking away things that are distractions. Taking away things that don’t push me down the path that I want to go.  What I have found very interesting is that I almost immediately feel more comfortable.  I almost immediately feel normal again.  That is not to say that I don’t think about the things that I have subtracted, or even miss them.  I am simply saying that taking away the extra has really made me feel more like me more constantly.


I have been thinking about getting the life that I want and what that means.  I have been thinking about time, money, growth, and happiness.  I want to have control over my time. I want more money to be able to do more for my family. I want to grow massively every day. I want to be happy with the vast majority of my choices.  Overall, I am doing these things.  I am figuring out that it is not winning to be making the most money. It is winning to be making the money that I want without sacrificing those three other things. That is the life of a badass.

The Life that I Want!

I have decided that I am amazing. I have decided that I am a badass. I have decided that this is my life, and I am going to live it the  way that I want to.  I serve others. I serve myself.  And nothing comes before those two things. I am Ryan Lynch. I deserve the life that I want.

I am grateful for Hailey holding my hand.

I am grateful for carrying Nora.

I am grateful for holding Amber.

I am grateful for talking with Amber.

I am grateful for kisses from Hazel and Molly.

A Weekend of Good Conversations

Friday night Nora had her art night at CCYC.  It was great to see all of her artwork and watch her class performance.  It is just wonderful to know that she is in a place that she is very happy about.

Saturday I got out for a hike with Thor.  It is incredible to have a friend who has been a friend for so long (22 years) and that I still want to be my friend.  Our topics went over a wide range and it was just good to be with him again. That night Amber and I went out with Matt and Melissa, and again it was fantastic to have two people that it is so easy and fun to talk to. I am also excited because Amber seems very in to Melissa, so maybe there is a budding friendship there.


I have been focused on my database. How do I stay connected. How do I add value. How do I become the person that they want to work with. I am surprised by what it has brought me. It has brought me deep conversations. It has brought me helping others in ways I would not have expected. It has brought me business.  Stay focused. Stay consistent. Be the person that others want to work with. Be you.

I am grateful for shoulder rides for Jack.

I am grateful for holding Hailey.

I am grateful for chasing down dogs.


I have been working on being the me that I want to be.  I want to be a badass.  I am learning what that truly means to me.  One thing I thought about was being able to help others, and the different ways  that I can do that. One of my close friends was extremely vulnerable with me yesterday.  I simply listened and talked to him about other options that he could take and I could instantly see a closer connection and more hope for him.

The Roller Coaster Continues

I am amazed at what meditating has done to me and how steady, stable and consistent I am. Last week I had four different deals have significant issues.  This week I am putting 4 listings on the market (one of which was a deal that fell apart last week).  Through it all I have stayed consistent on what I need to do. Through it all I have been able to keep my calm and simply move forward.

Love and Gratitude

This weekend I got to play with my girls. We all went out for dinner Saturday night and got sushi.  That went well for about 90% of it and then the girls were just ready to go. We went down to the skywalk and just let the girls roam.  It is so fun to watch what they each do.  Nora rushes forward and leads the way. Hailey was first wanting to hold everyone’s hand, and then got more and more adventurous, and then wanted to do everything that Nora was doing.

Ups and Downs

I am amazed at what this week has brought. I have had single days with huge swings in ups and downs in how I feel and in thinking about where I am headed. I had three deals almost fall apart, and now it looks like I can save all of them. I had deals that I have been working on for over a year finally come together.  I have been all over the place.