Our First Anniversary in KC!

This last weekend, Amber and I took a trip down to Kansas City for our first wedding anniversary.  Our first year has gone so fast, and so much has happened.  So we decided to head down for a long weekend together to enjoy what KC has to offer.

We got down to a mid-70s day and were quite happy to walk all over Country Club Plaza, where we were staying.  But the shops were not our destination.  We headed down to the art museum and sculpture park where we came across some fantastic sculptures.

An entire tree made out of sheet metal. It was quite amazing to see.

Amber tried to pull a Hulk...

I took an easier approach.

We had so much fun there, that we decided to head down to an art show that was happening in Brookside Park.  The walk ended up being much longer than we thought, but it was so beautiful that we were quite happy with it.  We decided to stop off for some libations before we checked out the show.

Afterwards we went to our rehearsal dinner anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot.  That place is always so fantastic!  A great thing about out rehearsal dinner is that it is actually at our .5 anniversary.  So we had our 5.5 dating anniversary, and then the next day we get our wedding anniversary.  It works out quite well.

The next day we checked out the house that I lived in until I was about 3 years old, and then tried to check out some KC landmarks.  Union Station, the Power and Lights District and others were on the list.  Kansas City is really a great town to visit.  There is a lot to do and amazing architecture, as well as art museums.  For our anniversary dinner we tried out Brio, which was fantastic atmosphere.  That night my wife proved how wonderful she is by going to Fast Five with me.

On our last day we hit up some shopping and then headed home to a very lazy night.  All in all, I am so lucky to have a wife that makes me so happy.  I am so looking forward to anniversaries two through infinity.  : )

I don’t have any great lessons to impart on this one.  Just felt like bragging on my beautiful wife.

~Ryan Lynch

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  1. I’m glad you had a fun anniversary. It is amazing how quickly time passes when you spend it with someone you truly love. It seems like just yesterday Blakely and I got married, but the calendar tells me that we are coming up on five years. I hope you enjoy countless more anniversary celebrations.

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