Open Your Eyes


I just got done giving tours to 90 forth graders around the bank, and it was incredibly fun to see how amazed they were by EVERYTHING!  I remember when I was younger and the area where the tellers were was the magical land where money came from, and the people behind the counter were obviously entrusted with all of the cash in the world.

Watching their eyes light up as they were shown a thousand dollar bill just made me think about how much wonder there can be in the world.  When we were younger everything was so new and interesting that anything was possible.  As we grew older we got so used to saying “been there, done that” that we don’t take the time to wonder anymore.

So my advice is start to be amazed.  Notice that beautiful sunset.  Think about how every single one of those (numerous) snowflakes is different.  Every person views the world differently.  It truly is a wondrous world.