Only You Can Hold Yourself Down

Just keep looking up!

Today I got up and got ready for a long day of work. We were doing a customer appreciation event tonight, so I got home around 9pm and I left for work at 7am. Actually, I left a little later because when I tried to start my car, it decided that it didn’t really want to. Luckily, I was able to get it started and make it to work.

Around noon my lovely wife called to inform me that my bike had been stolen.  I should have seen this coming as we just left both of our bikes out in our public garage.  Nonetheless, it is never fun to hear you have lost something that is yours.

So why am I telling you all of this.  I am telling it so that what I say next has more gravity to it.  I am happy.  My car was an unexpected expense, and that is never fun.  I lost my bike, and that also sucks.  But my life is so good that I would be foolish to let these two things ruin my day; let alone my week, month or year like I have seen happen to others.

If you let things that are out of your control affect you negatively, then you will just find more and more negative things that will push you further and further into unhappiness.

I know that these two things that happened to me are nowhere near as horrible as events that happen to others.  I know how lucky I am to live in the time and place that I do.  I just keep focusing on the positive and watch as my world gets happier and happier.

Sure, negative things are still going to happen.  By being in control of my mindset, I can make sure that I am not one of those negative things in someone else’s life.  In fact, I can be a positive one.