Of Fishes and Niches

I'm looking to hook a big one!

I realize that I have not posted on my business activities as of late. To explain: the reason that I have been posting so much on mindset recently is to help motivate myself.  I have been researching several niches in the fitness market trying to find one that works for Caeli and my joint venture.

I am finding some very interesting things.  One is that things that sound horrible are empowering to this market.  For example: That workout just KILLED me!  or Oh, my pecs HURT so much, great workout!  In other words this market sees pushing themselves beyond their limits as a very good thing.

It is important to understand this mindset, because when I eventually start to market to them I can speak their language.  I wont be afraid to say “Product XYZ will destroy you and make you cry!”  instead of saying “Product XYZ will give you the physique you want!”  Both are saying the same thing, but one is saying it in the customer’s own language.

So I have found 12, count ’em 12 niches that I am interested in exploring.  So my next step is to build a presence in them and see which hooks get a bite.  I am very excited for this because it actually feels like I am doing something instead of just research all of the time.  My hope is that all of the research will pay off in the end and make my chances better at hooking a doozy of a market.