November 8th, 2016

Do what you are supposed to do, and you get what you are supposed to get.  Yesterday our furnace fan went out and so  I was stuck at home while the HVAC guy was repairing it. So I missed a meeting that I wanted to go to and Chris missed our coaching call. So I just got on the phone.  I ended up having 35 conversations, which is one of my biggest days in a while.  And I got some solid leads.  Do what you are supposed to do, and you get what you are supposed to get.  Repeatedly throughout the day I wanted to stop and go do other things. Things for my business, things for slacking off, things to get out of the house.  I just picked up the phone again and again and again. Do what you are supposed to do and you get what you are supposed to get.

I also had  another random experience in FSBO calling. My current BOLD coach Tammi Juengst had said that FSBOs were a good source of recruiting future realtors. I had a call where a guy started talking about how much fun he had in the “game” of selling houses and so I asked him about it.  It was out of the blue, so he didn’t know want to jump right in. I could tell that I hit on something with him though. He gave me his contact info and I will continue to follow up with him. Let’s see how many realtors I can make out of FSBOs.

Last night was also incredibly fun. I picked Hailey up and Amber said she could get Nora. So I gave Hailey free reign to go wherever she wanted and I swear if she had had enough time she was headed to the playground. It was hilarious. Then Amber and I just spent the night playing with Hailey and Nora.  They are so much fun. I am so grateful to have three incredible women in my life constantly.


I am grateful for Amber’s orange chicken.

I am grateful for Nora being nice at bedtime.

I am grateful for kisses from Hailey.

I am grateful for interesting conversations.

I am grateful for friends who want to help my business.

I am grateful for such a strong desire to grow.

I am grateful for happiness in small moments.

I am grateful for Nora’s imagination.

I am grateful for cleaning off my desk.

I am grateful for incredible numbers in my business.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch