November 3rd, 2016

Gratitude.  I am so amazed by gratitude. One thing that happened at BOLD this Tuesday was that we did the cup exercise.  Everyone gets a cup of water and then we go around and give people gratitude and then pour some of our water into their cup.  The last couple of times that I have done that I have been focusing on sincere gratitude. The first couple of times it is a game, and you want to empty your cup and just run around giving gratitude.   It is usually surface level. Now I aim to only give deep, sincere gratitude.  And I love watching peoples’ faces when they realize that that is what I am doing. I love helping people to feel that way.

This time, what I did not expect was how many people gave me sincere gratitude.   I was honestly very touched at some of the things that people told me.  I have removed myself somewhat from KW since my failure of earlier this year. It was and still is incredibly moving that so many people have been touched by me.  It is even more amazing that people that I really do not even know are moved by me simply sharing in BOLD.  I was beeming with energy by the end of the time.  I am so grateful for so many wonderful people in my life.


I am grateful for time with Amber.

I am grateful Amber is getting healthy again.

I am grateful Nora wants to talk with us.

I am grateful that Hailey keeps working so hard to be who she wants to be.

I am grateful Thor got to see the Cubs win.

I am grateful that I keep getting referrals from my sphere.

I am grateful that I can prove to people that they should hire me.

I am grateful that I love my car.

I am grateful that I love my life.

I am grateful for extreme gratitude.

I love my life. Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch