November 21st, 2016

I had a very happy weekend. I have been focusing on beauty. I have been focusing on understanding.  I  find both.  I am working on what do I want my life to be like in my day.  I am working on how do I feel and where do I focus on the moment. What is interesting is that it comes out with those around me as well.  Amber was angry at me because something did not meet her expectations. My very first thought was towards how can I help her be not angry. In the scheme of things it was a small thing, and there is no reason for Amber to have to deal with anger over trivial things. I just thought it was amazing that my focus on my emotional life helps me focus on the emotional lives of those around me. (imagine that!)

I also got to have lunch with Guy on Friday.  He and I always end up talking about the most interesting things.  We actually ended up talking about the joy in our life. I thought that was incredibly cool.

I did piss poor with my sugar cleanse.  I had three redbulls on Friday, two each on Saturday and Sunday. We also got cookie dough from one of the neighbor kids fundraisers. So I have been enjoying that.  That is real helpful timing. We actually got two. One from one neighbor, and another from another. The second one I just took outside and threw directly into the garbage.  Some movement forward.


I am grateful for Hailey’s smiles.

I am grateful for Nora’s enthusiasm.

I am grateful for my persistence.

I am grateful for Amber’s eyes.

I am grateful for my parents’ gatherings.

I am grateful for my extended family.

I am grateful to have met Theo.

I am grateful Nora and Isla love each other so much.

I am grateful for clients who trust me.

I am grateful for the play place.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch