Not Getting My Second First Hire

What happens if I don’t hire my second first hire?  It  means that I am stuck. My business is not growing and I am not growing to the extent that I know that I can.  It means that I am afraid of moving forward because I don’t have the confidence that I can produce the income that is necessary to hire.  It means that I am not moving towards the business that I want. It means more waiting.

For my family it means that I am not producing at a higher level, which means less income, which  means thinking about am I making enough money instead of thinking about where I can invest the profits.  It means that I am the business and so when that phone call comes, I have to take. We go on vacation, and I still need to go to work.  It means that I do not fully get to be in the moment with Amber, Nora, and Hailey.

For my customers it means that they get only me. They get my strengths, and my weaknesses.  They lose out on a better experience because I could not afford to give them one.  Which means that I get less referrals, which means that I get to work with less people.

For my potential hires, it means that they don’t get to work with me.  They don’t get to work with someone that is motivated by motivating others.  They don’t get to have the conversations that we would have, or the growth that I would push for.

It means that I would feel stuck, stagnant, unproductive, and lazy. It means that I would be upset that I am not pushing myself to the level that I know that I can be at. It means that I am an asshole.


I am grateful for education.

I am grateful for pizza parties.

I am grateful for honest, upfront friends.

I am grateful for reconnecting.

I am grateful for interesting thoughts.

I am grateful for happy clients.

I am grateful for good agents to work with.

I am grateful for Hailey wanting to be held.

I am grateful for Nora wanting to dance.

I am grateful for Amber taking care of the kids when I can’t.

I am grateful for Nicole caring so much.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch