My Triumph Story

I was speaking with Chris yesterday on our coaching call and it is never what I think it is going to be, even after over two years of talking to him weekly.  I brought up my experiences around thinking about and talking to people about coaching, speaking, and writing and he talked to me about my story.  What is the story that I will tell people? So here is my first attempt at that story:

Growing up I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  Jobs seemed boring to me.  I knew I wanted to be rich, even though I didn’t really know what that meant.  I think I was less than a month out of college when one of my good friends gave me Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  All of a sudden I knew I wanted to be an investor and a business owner.  I have read that book more than 10 times. I kept re-reading it until it changed how I thought about things.

I kept reading and talking to people and studying and thinking.  I tried a few different online businesses and then finally, 6-7 years later I bought my first rental property.  Doing this I realized (or thought I figured it out) that I needed a lot more capital to purchase more rental units.  So I bought training and coaching on how to become a flipper.  I flipped a few houses, some successfully, some not. One of my mentors talked to me about getting my license because the tools would be beneficial for me.

I went and got my license with no intention of being a realtor and then a couple of friends of mine asked me to help them find a home. I thought sure, why not.  And I fell in love with helping them.  I dove into my realtor business, and I got a coach.  What was interesting was that I sucked.  I was talking to 100 people a week for months.  I came close to six months of just constantly calling people.  Getting coached on how to get better and better at what I was doing.  And finally something clicked and I started to get listings.  I went from just over a half a million in sales in my first year (terrible) to $5.6 million in sales my second year (amazing).  I was on top of the world.

Me being me I rushed head long thinking that I was now unstoppable.  I started spending money on my business and I made my first hire.  Focusing on all of these things meant that I took my eye off the ball of generating more business and I found myself in a hole.  So I cut back, I had to let my incredible first hire go, and to be honest, I had a few month long pity party.  My drive to build the business that I wanted was still there.

I found new ways to focus myself, and I found better ways to build my business into being more consistent and generating more and more cash.  I started to hire again as I grew.  I found incredible people who took my business further than I ever could alone. I found that I could work less and less in the business and more and more on the business.  Then I found that I didn’t even need to do that.  I built the business that I truly want.  A business where all of the people in it are excited to be there. Excited to work with me. Excited to help our clients.  I built a business where our clients rave about us to anyone that will listen.  I built a business that continues to grow and find more raving fans even when I take a month off to take my family anywhere they want to go.

I also figured out better ways to grow my rental portfolio.  I found that as my business knowledge grew, so did my investment portfolio.  Now I was regularly adding multi-family buildings, and then apartment buildings, and then even commercial properties.  The more that I gave, and the better I made people’s lives, the more people that wanted to be involved.

In all of this I grew.  I keep finding better ways to make my body feel better. To this day and beyond I keep finding new ways to make my mind feel better, my heart and my soul.

Now I get to help thousands of people just like you create the life that you want.  I have done it. Join me.



I am grateful for Nick Button.

I am grateful for Diana Wegner.

I am grateful for a deeper understanding.

I am grateful for Hailey’s giggles.

I am grateful for Nora’s maturity.

I am grateful for Amber’s touch.

I am grateful for strategy, story, and state.

I am grateful for Dave Winters.

I am grateful for how good it feels to run.

I am grateful for calm.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch