My Second First Hire

What does it mean when I am able to hire again? It means that I have become more confident in myself and my business.  It means that I am excited and proud of myself. Because I know where and how I messed up the first time, it means that I am in better control of my business finances and that my business is even more prosperous than it is now.

For my clients it means that they get an even better service. I am very good at what I do.  I know that I do not communicate as effectively as I want to though.  Getting someone who can help me build better systems to communicate with my clients would greatly benefit them. It also means that I would  more effectively communicate to ask for new clients. So it means that I would get to help more people, communicate more effectively with them, and then help more people.

For my family it would mean that business is getting better and better. That means more money for doing the things that we want to do. More importantly it would mean me getting to be more with them in the moment. If I have someone answering the phone for me, then when I am on vacation I don’t need to worry about my phone.  At night I can hang out with Nora and Hailey and not have to think about the paperwork that I have to get done in the morning. It means that I get to be more in the moment and simply enjoy Nora, Hailey, and Amber and every moment that I get with them.

For the person that I hire it means that they get to come and work with me. I am hugely focused on growing me and growing the people around me.  By sharing that focus with whomever comes to work with me I can help them be happier and be more of who they want to be.  And I get to model for them how incredible that makes me feel, so that when they start hiring, they see it as a joy, instead of as a labor and they get to help others.

For me it means that I get to chase a true passion of mine: leadership.  I loved working with Lauren and I loved getting to help her and know her and grow her.  I know that when I earn the ability to grow others, I will find happiness and fulfillment because helping others so intimately makes me happy and fulfilled.


I am grateful for Hailey’s giggles.

I am grateful for Hailey’s dancing.

I am grateful for Nora’s swim practice.

I am grateful for Nora putting me in timeout.

I am grateful for Amber laughing with me.

I am grateful for Amber holding me.

I am grateful for Blake, Marleigh, and learning to read.

I am grateful for weird teeth.

I am grateful for  thoughtful drives.

I am grateful for finding gratitude instead of complaints.

I am grateful for jumping.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch