Tonight I have to get packed for a trip up north, do laundry, wrap presents, buy a couple of presents, workout, eat, make sure everything is in my car, and sleep.  And in all of that I would also like to get some time in on the business.

The purpose of telling you all that is because of the last part.  I want to get some work done on my business.  It will require less down time.  It is pretty boring.  And I wont make any money off of it in the near future.  So what is my motivation?  I can tell you exactly.  I want to own my own business that lets me have time control and better control of how much money I make.  I want this more than anything, and I am willing to put in the extra effort to get there.

Now, what is the average motivation for people?  I would say, the average motivation is to be happy now.  And by that, I mean right now.  So why work on that business idea when I can watch tv?  Why go workout when I could be surfing the interwebs?  Why call that friend when I could take a nap?

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The chief cause of failure or unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment.”

How many times have you made that trade?  And what has it cost you?