More of My Blathering

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One thing I constantly find myself asking myself is why do I want to share the way I think with people so much. And I have come up with some interesting reasons: I want people to hear it so that they might rebut it. That way we might together be able to create something even better, or I can discuss with them and strengthen my idea even more by overcoming their objections. Either way, I am thinking about my ideas and perceptions and testing them at every opportunity.
Secondly, I used to see the world very differently. I used to be very unhappy with myself and everything else. I used to be afraid. And I would let that fear control me and stop me from trying new things and testing the boundaries of my mind and my body. One day I decided that I could change my perception and so I went with at least trying. I made it. And I am so happy that I did that I want to show anyone who is interested what it is like to find enjoyment in everyday life, and happiness in yourself and your world.