Monday, Sept 19th

I am so grateful for such a wonderful weekend. I love taking my family to the farmer’s market.  Watching how all three of them enjoy it fills me with gratitude.  Running into Manny and Emily there was a bonus. They are two of the most giving people that I know.  The rest of the day was helping Amber get ready for her party on Sunday.  Then we did a movie night with Nora and Hailey.  They are so fun to just hand out with. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

Sunday I went out with Rhett and Stacy and found a good possibility for their new home.  We got done fast enough that I was still able to meet everyone at the Drake Diner, which was an added bonus to my day.  Then Nora and I went to Brown’s Woods and got in a long hike. She is such a trooper, and I am always so grateful for our conversations.  When we got back we picked up Hailey and went to the play place together while Amber had her party.  Nora and Hailey make me so proud and grateful to watch them be fearless and play.  Then I got to go to Scotty’s baby shower. It was just a bunch of people at a bar. It was great to hang out  with Scotty and Cooper though. And I even got to see RJ for a little while.  Afterwards, Coops and I went to grab some sushi, and then I got to hang out with Amber finally.  I am so grateful for my amazing wife!

Talking with Coops I was telling him about my exploration into influence and leadership and that lead to a great round of me making him believe the opposite of what he does believe.  It was incredibly entertaining to watch himbe upset and impressed at the same time.  It was a great weekend!

~Ryan Lynch