A few days ago in the post How, not What I wrote:

And I truly believe that by applying simple (in one sense) logic and asking questions of themselves, more people would be more happy.

Today I wanted to write about that little part in parenthesis.  The sense that I am talking about being simple is the concept.  I think it is a fairly easy concept to understand to actually think about what you think.  I think most people can look at what they think/believe/feel and with patience and persistence figure out what they truly think/believe/ feel and why.  (Good luck figuring out that sentence.) But in another sense, I think it is very difficult.  And that sense is the patience and persistence part.

It is very hard, and can be very painful to figure out where negative attitudes and feelings have come from.  It can be extremely difficult to figure out why you believe in things.  And it can take a very long time.  In fact, I would not have difficulty saying that it is a never-ending process.  I have been dissecting what I think and what others have told me to think since before I even really understood what I was doing.  I credit randomly falling into philosophy in college as the awakening for truly realizing what I had been doing.  I also give philosophy credit for making me go so much deeper and giving me a larger vocabulary for what I was doing.  Learning things like A Priori and Meta-thoughts was exceedingly helpful in better understanding what I wanted to understand.

So I guess what I am trying to get across with this post is that a simple concept can be very difficult to put into practice.  But like I have been saying, I believe it is well worth it.  I feel in control of my life and my mind.  I have already achieved many of the goals I have put forth for myself and I plan on achieving many more.  Hopefully, after not too long I will be able to help a lot of people do the same.