Love and Gratitude

This weekend I got to play with my girls. We all went out for dinner Saturday night and got sushi.  That went well for about 90% of it and then the girls were just ready to go. We went down to the skywalk and just let the girls roam.  It is so fun to watch what they each do.  Nora rushes forward and leads the way. Hailey was first wanting to hold everyone’s hand, and then got more and more adventurous, and then wanted to do everything that Nora was doing.

I also got to  go see ghost in the shell with Amber. The  movie was great. What was even better was listening to Amber’s ideas about how to make the entire city government work better. I have the most amazing woman in the world for my wife. I am so very lucky.

This was simply a fantastic weekend of enjoying the amazing people around me. I am so happy. I am so grateful. I love my people so much.

I am grateful for hide and seek.

I am grateful for giggles.

I am grateful for snuggles.

I am grateful for holding hands.

I am grateful for good conversations.

I am grateful for pride.

I am grateful for certainty.

I am grateful for meditation.

I am grateful for exercise.

I am grateful for me.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch