Living Deliberately

Well I am moving forward.  I have started a Twitter account for Direct Fitness featuring Caeli.   Feel free to look at it, the screen name is @FitnessCaeli.  I started it four days ago and I already have 60 followers for it as well as I have already had one person ask a direct, fitness related question.  So that was awesome!  I am going to continue to use the principals I have learned from Mr. Deiss himself and see how big of a following I can get from that. 

I have also joined Glenn Livingston’s club on HyperResponsive marketing.  So I am going to implement his ideas to talk to potential customers and find out what it is they want so that Direct Fitness will be able to give it to them.  I am extremely excited and looking forward to the life of an entrepreneur full time.

Amber and I also have found a place and a date for our wedding: May 1st!  So life is good on all fronts at this particular moment.  Long live deliberate living!