Lifestyle Design Continued

Thinking about my ideal life it comes down to time in the day.  When I think about the perfect day, it always comes down to me being able to dedicate part of it to me.  Meaning I can get out for a walk, a bike ride, a drive, read a book, or even see a movie.  So if I apply this to my day it means that I need an hour for me each day. An hour where I am not focused on the grind, or on my well being, I am focused on letting Ryan be Ryan.

I believe this means that my ideal day needs to be an hour less of work.  I can schedule in time for me time.  What that means is can I schedule the rest of my time so that I can get everything done that I need to for my family, my business, my health, and my wealth?  I can absolutely do that.  Focusing on my sphere and expireds has already done that in my work day. I can add FSBOs back in and simply only move forward with ones who will work within my pre-defined schedule.  My Miracle Morning allows me to get all of my mind and body work done before anyone else even wakes up, and I love it and am happy with the time frame and time period that it takes.  I have family time in the mornings and evenings, plus weekends.

Can it really be that simple?


I am grateful for Hailey’s dancing.

I am grateful for Jack’s exploring.

I am grateful for a giving sister.

I am grateful for a happy Nora.

I am grateful for a growing Nora.

I am grateful for the cold wind on my face.

I am grateful for Isla and Nora getting to be together.

I am grateful for Nora having such good friends.

I am grateful for a clean desk.

I am grateful for a strong pipeline.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch