Last week

Last week, between crazy things happening and illness, I missed most of the week for working.  I am so grateful that I have a life where that can just happen and it doesn’t throw everything out of whack.  I also got to go to Quantum Leap taught by Seth Campbell.  It was incredibly interesting and I got a lot of take-aways.  One thing that I did want to talk about was something he said about making more money.  He said that if you are not trying to maximize the amount of money that you are making you are being selfish.  That money could help so many people, that every time you are not making more money when you could, you are putting your needs over the needs of others. This is not exactly what he said, and I am paraphrasing through my own lens.

For a day or two this really struck me hard.  I have been doing all of this soul searching to figure out what makes me happy in my day, and then in comes a brilliant man who tells me I am selfish for my conclusions.  Where I came to as of this point is that you have to know yourself.  I am working to make more money. I am working on streamlining my business. I am working on building my rental portfolio. I am working on how I can better affect and help people. All of those things will mean more and more money comes my way. What I am not doing is spending every last moment trying to sell more houses. I could do that.  I could make a lot more money this year if I just did more and more lead generation.  What I have been thinking about writing about though is what is the point to that?  It would come to the detriment of my relationships. It would come to the detriment of my mental health. It would not be how I truly want to spend my time.  No matter how much money I make there are always more people that I could help.  I could work tirelessly for the rest of my life to accumulate, and never be able to help everyone.  After all of this I am back to working to be better and be happy.  I believe that that goal helps me tell others to chase that goal. If I can help people see that their life can be what they want, I am helping them more than giving them dollars.

I am grateful for Nora’s artistry.

I am grateful for Hailey’s play.

I am grateful for Amber’s love.

I am grateful for my parent’s time.

I am grateful for the zoo.

I am grateful for running into family.

I am grateful for living near family.

I am grateful for being with the people that I love.

I am grateful for getting outside.

I am grateful for feeling good inside.

I am grateful for learning how to be better.

I am grateful for being happy with myself currently.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch