Knowing Makes it Simpler

I did not get the rental property that I wanted.  The good news is that this process made me much happier!  I did not have any should I/shouldn’t I moments through this entire process. I have a couple of numbers that make everything much simpler.  Those two numbers are dollars per door and rent as a percentage of the purchase price.  When I found this property it was at my dollars per door number and better than my one month’s rent as a percentage of the purchase price number.

I made an offer to make the numbers even better, because why not.  Things were looking good and then I was notified that there were other offers.  Instead of then hemming and hawing, I just raised my offer to my maximum allowable offer based off of my dollars per door number. So simple. So easy.

I did not need to worry about it. It matched my criteria and I could simply stick to my rules and move forward. I did not need to agonize over the decision. I simply stuck to my rules and moved in accordance with them.  Now I get to go look for the next property that meets my criteria.

I am thankful for Guy.

I am thankful for chess.

I am thankful for dance class.

I am thankful for Nora and Hailey being so kind to me.

I am thankful for doing things for Amber.

I am thankful for seeing Emily, Isla, and Jack.

I am thankful for Dave Chappell.

I am thankful for humor from beans.

I am thankful for learning everyday.

I am thankful for thinking.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch