Just Keep Trying, You’ll Get Be-e-tter!

I have not been eating at my best as of late.  I have been telling myself that I am working out daily and eating well at meals.  My snacks have been horrendous though.  Turns out, what you put in is what you get out. So yesterday I was not feeling 100%.  This morning I had an internal struggle to just get up. I wanted to stay in bed so much!  I knew that I would feel better physically, mentally and emotionally if I just got up and did what I was supposed to do. And I most definitely do.  So I was thinking about it and I am going to hold myself accountable to one change. I am going to keep track of my sugar intake.  That is the area where I give myself the most leeway and the most crap.

So yesterday I had two redbulls, a donut and a christmas tree cake.  I can do better.

I also got to do Nora’s last swim lesson with her last night.  She was afraid about putting her face under water again. So I broke it down and worked slowly to get her their again. And she did it!  By the end of the night she put her whole head under the water.  I believe this was the first time she has done that knowingly and willingly.  I am so proud of her.


I am grateful for swim lessons.

I am grateful for a brave little girl.

I am grateful for a proud little girl.

I am grateful for wanting to always be better.

I am grateful for touching Amber.

I am grateful for talking with Amber.

I am grateful for holding Hailey.

I am grateful for BOLD.

I am grateful for being a money magnet!!!

I am grateful for consistency leading to results.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch