Just Have Fun

Yesterday was wonderful. I got in my workout and all the rest of my SAVERS (which I am loving!!!).  I am so grateful that I found something that revs me up so hard. I am really impressed by my meditation and how little I am tired throughout the day. I rarely, if ever, find myself feeling tired. And I am getting less sleep and doing more in my day.

I also am grateful that I got in my lead generation and I am finding a higher level of success than I have had in the past with my outreach to others. I also am grateful for a sometimes poor memory. I ran a comparative market analysis for a client, and he had told me what he was hoping to get for the house. By the time I ran the analysis (less than a day later), I had forgotten what he wanted. Which helps remove any bias and I got a number for his house that was about $10,000 more than he wanted. Yay Seller’s Market!

I am also grateful for my family. Watching Nora and Hailey play with each other is just about one of the best things ever.  Hailey is EVERYWHERE right now that she is mobile, and it is just fun to see what she does. Nora is figuring out the whole “listening” thing and it is fun to see what she responds to and does not respond to. And then getting to share my day day and accomplishments with Amber is just amazing.  Hearing what she is getting to do in her role and how she is affecting the city that I grew up in just pushes me to get even better and be worthy of her.  Life is good! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

~Ryan Lynch