Judgement vs Understanding

I have been reflecting on these different takes all week long.  I have been watching what triggers me to move to judgement and I have been working to aim for understanding instead.  Yesterday I had a meeting with a lead that I have been chasing for a while who was thinking about going FSBO.  I wanted to judge him and think less of him. I wanted to yell at him.  Instead, I thought of his point of view.  He has owned multiple homes. He is a businessman. His father has done both as well.  He has seen his father sell FSBO before, and his father has told him there are pluses and minuses.  Who wouldn’t want to be like their father?

Nora has been a bear at bedtime for the past week. I want to be so upset with her for not listening to me.  I want to get angry.  Instead I think about her.  How would I like it if every night of my life someone else told me when I had to go to bed. I know how I would react and rebel.

Everyone has their own worldview.  Everyone sees things that I do not see, and feels things I do not feel. I want to work to understand them. I want to work to help them.


I am grateful for watching Nora enjoy herself so much in gymnastics!

I am grateful for watching Hailey explore the world and have so much fun while doing it!

I am grateful for good people working to help me grow my business!

I am grateful for getting outside!

I am grateful for ease on the telephone!

I am grateful for affirmations and incantations!

I am grateful to be getting Amber back today!

Thank you for this life!

~Ryan Lynch