Judge myself, or Understand myself

Yesterday I was in BOLD and Tammi (the trainer) asked what we had learned in the last two weeks since first step. My mind instantly went to “don’t move to judgement, move to understanding.”  As I was thinking about that the room was having a conversation that made me think about how I judge myself.  I thought, if this is going to be something I need to work on then I absolutely need to apply it to myself. What good is removing judgement of others if I am still regularly judging myself?

This was a profound thought for me. I know that I have judged myself.  I have judged myself for slacking off. I have judged myself while comparing myself to others. I have judged myself for failing.  What good has that done me?  It makes me feel bad and retreat.  So I get less done and move towards my goals much slower.  Instead, it is my intent that any time I find myself judging me, I am going to start asking myself questions to find out what was the reason for doing what I did or not doing what I should have. The better that I can understand myself, the faster I can move towards creating the Ryan that I want to be.  I can move to acceptance and love.


I am grateful for a fifth round of BOLD!

I am grateful for an amazing little Hailey who just wants to be held!

I am grateful for a fun team with diverse ideas that I can learn from!

~Ryan Lynch