I Think I Can, I Think I Can…

I just realized that I have not been updating this guy as much as I like.  So now I will make it a point to update the interwebs more frequently. 

So, how have I been on the business front?  Alright, I guess.  It never moves forward as fast as you would like. On the 47LLC front I have almost finished the Des Moines Committee on Foreign Relations site.  That has been one heck of an experience.  It is my first time using Elance and it was a learning experience to say the least.  My boy Coops came in to help me late in the game and basically told me I had been screwed. But by the time we got everything sorted out, it just turned out that the outsourcer I was using did things wildly differently than what Cooper would have preferred.  But, the great thing that came out of it was that I know that Coops is there to help me now and interested in what I am doing.  So in the end, I definitely see it as a positive.

On the Direct Fitness front, I have gotten all of my financials in order and am starting to architect the site.  Coops is helping me on this as well, and luckily he says that everything that I need is pretty easy for him.  That was a great vote of confidence for actually being able to pull this thing off.  Plus I have been studying Glenn Livingston and reading Tony Robbins, so I am super pumped to move forward with the whole process.  I figure I am just going to go full boar ahead until something works.  Seems like a good plan to me!

In personal news, Amber and I have been looking at venues for our wedding.  We have found two that we like in Minnesota (The Boat House and the Beach Club) and two that we like in Des Moines (Botanical Center and Des Moines Club).  So now we get to see which one wins.  Wedding planning is friggin fun!