It is in the Show Up that You Grow Up!

Monday I was feeling sick and so I spent most of the day sleeping.  Just having that one day where I slacked off has made Tuesday and Wednesday that much harder to get up and do what I need to do.  I did both days.  The beginning was more difficult, and I am happier at this point because I did.  It is amazing how even just one tiny setback can throw things out of wack and make staying in the habit that much harder.  It is also amazing how actually staying in the habit and showing up can really make you feel like you have grown up.

Last night I also am very grateful that I was able to go to swim lessons with Nora.  The teacher got a new job so we got a new teacher who let us free swim and went around to each of us to see where we were. So I started working with Nora on putting her face under water, because she is still afraid of it.  At first I went hard and held her and made her go under water with me.  This caused a lot of issues and a lot of screaming. Eventually I broke everything down piece by piece. First I taught her how to hold her nose. Then she held her nose and held her breath.  Finally, she put her face under water. Then she put her face under water and looked with her goggles.  She was so proud and so excited and she could not wait to go home and tell Amber.  I need to remember to focus on what is comfortable for her. She wanted to do it. She just needed a way that was comfortable. I am so proud of Nora!


I am grateful for holding Amber.

I am grateful for BOLD.

I am grateful for the extreme gratitude that I received from the fill your cup exercise.

I am grateful for people who want to help.

I am grateful for Wayne.

I am grateful for amazing clients.

I am grateful for amazing music that I love.

I am grateful for meditation.

I am grateful for mac n cheese.

I am grateful for Hailey doing karate chops!

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch