Is This Art?

Amber likes to make fun of me this time of year by calling me Mr. Bah-Humbug.  You see, I don’t like Christmas music.  One of my first jobs was as a clothing salesperson at the mall, and so every year I had to sit there and listen to Christmas music day in and day out until I wished I could tear my ears off.

Honestly, I might even like it now.  It has been so long that I might just be saying this because it is what I always have said.  But, my dislike of Christmas music combined with my not caring if my abode is decorated for Christmas or not has gotten me a bad rep with Amber.

This year, she asked if we could decorate a bit surreptitiously.  I wanted to get rid of my grinch label and said “Of course!”  So I was given some things to do and to finally get to the point of this post, one of which was to put Christmas bulbs on a piece of art that we already have up.

At first, I just started putting them up with the goal of not trying to bunch the colors together too closely.  But then I had too many bulbs and I tried to make a pattern.  But then I saw something else that I could do.  And the result was what is above.

The greens form triangle of the Christmas tree, with a green with an imprint of an ornament as the pinnacle of the tree.  The tree is outside, which is shown by having the blue bulbs at the top.  The red and purple bulbs all around show that it is Sunrise and that is the color of the Sun’s rays in first light.

Hopefully, this makes sense.

So my question to all of my friends who are artists: is this art?  I realize that all I did was put 18 bulbs up in a certain order which made sense to me.  But Amber saw it when I described my idea to her.

Please let me know what you think.  Feel free to judge as well.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

~Ryan Lynch

2 thoughts on “Is This Art?

  1. YES! That is absolutely art. I will direct anyone who says otherwise to the “contemporary art” shops and galleries to make their arguments there.

    PS: Christmas music is fun, delightful and cheery… but only when it is played around Christmas. Not when it is played everywhere you go for two months preceeding the holiday.

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