Impact of a 7th Level Business

Yesterday I wrote broadly about my vision for myself. Speaking with my coach yesterday, I decided to take each part of my vision and break down what the real impact would be.  Talking to Chris, I said that I felt like my vision was very me-centric and he really started to break down how it was not. That prompted me to do this.

I run a 7th level real estate business.  I hire incredible people who take my business further than I ever could alone. They work and play at such a high level that others wish they could work for me.  I help to guide the business and grow the business. Others make it run day to day.

This would impact all of the employees of my business.  I am building a business that puts people first.  In the case of my employees, I want them to constantly be striving for growth.  When I hire people to my business with this central driving force, I am giving people a chance to truly define who they want to be and a chance to create that. This would hugely impact the people in the business, as well as their friends and families. Because when you have this happen to you, you want to show other people how to do it.  So let’s say my business has 10-15 people. That is automatically impacting those 10-15. Then each of those people know people that they are impacting, and so on and so on.

This would also impact my clients.  In order to build a business with that many employees I will need more and more clients to serve.  And I will be hiring people who makes the clients be served better and better.  So every single client that we bring in will be impacted by having a better experience in purchasing or selling a house. Plus, they will be kept in contact and see what a truly servant mindset can mean.

This would also affect my wife and daughters.  When I build a business that is this big, we will have a life of financial abundance.  So anything that my family wants to do will not be constrained by finances. My wife and daughters will think big and be able to work and play big.  I will also be modeling a person who achieves at a very high level.  Which gives them all motivation to do the same.  So they will have financial abundance and potential abundance.

Being able to do this for my family, employees, clients, and friends means that I feel pride, joy, and happiness in helping so many people live the life that they are truly capable of.  I get to help others.  And in the end, that means that I make myself fulfilled.