If Not You, Then Who?


There is one question you can ask yourself that will instantly show you your world view.  It is one simple question that can open up a whole new world to you.  This one question can mean the difference in a purpose driven life, and a life that simply is.

Who controls how you feel?

Is it Cupid shooting an arrow at you that makes you fall in love?  Is it that guy who cut you off in traffic that ruined your day?  Is it the alcohol in that bottle that makes it so you can “just get through the day?”  Is it your boss?  Is it your significant other?  Is it you dog?

Hopefully, you thought that every single one of those questions was ludicrous.  Hopefully, the very first word that popped into your head was “ME!”  Because I promise you that no one else has control over you.  You are not the victim of Cupid, your boss, your boyfriend or the world in general.

If someone steps on your foot, you control whether you say excuse me or you start a fight.  If someone cuts you off, you control whether you give it a moment’s thought, or a week’s.  Your emotions are yours and yours alone.  No one injects you with anger.  No one slips some happy into your coffee (although some might argue with me on this one).  You choose how you react.  You choose if you control your emotions, or if your emotions control you.

Because, if you are not in control, then who is?