I Will Take As Much Help As I Can Get!

1I have done a little ranting about the “I Have to do it by Myself” mentality before.  I have seen so much success from going in the opposite direction that I really want to share why I think it will help you so much.

Catch up: most people feel that they need to learn things on their own and figure out how to do things on their own. I am suggesting that instead you find people who are already doing what you want to do and use them to get there faster.

Example for business: I have been doing this Realtor thing for about three months now.  By asking those around me who are successful for help, I have gone from reaching out to 30 people a week personally, to over 200 in just two months.  How much do you think that affects my business?

Personal example: one of my best friends is a trainer.  I have been stealing advice from her for years now (meaning she gives it for free).  I eat healthier and constantly feel better now than I probably ever have in my life.

Realtor example: I just sold a listing in 13 days.  I was the help for the seller who would not have done half of the things that I did to get that property sold.  I also got help from coaches, training and mentors to help me think of the things that I did to get that house sold.  As well as implement the systems that meant that I could do all of those things for the seller in such a short time.

There is so much power in leveraging other people’s knowledge and experience.  The more people you work with, the faster you can get to where you want to go.

Of course, I would love to help you with business, life or real estate.  You can reach me at 515.724.3163, RyanLynch@KW.com or through www.LynchSellsHomes.com.  And you can always access my past writings through www.RyanjwLynch.com.

Make things better!

~Ryan Lynch – Realtor – Keller Williams Greater Des Moines – Clive, IA 50325

Licensed in the State of Iowa

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