I Refuse!

I can very easily fear the future. I will slip into what if scenarios where everything falls apart and I lose so much. I can go down a rabbit hole of doubt, worry, and fear. I refuse to!

I can choose what I think about. I choose to think about how much success I have had. I choose to think of so many people that I have helped and am helping. I choose to believe that all of the work that I put in has paid off and will continue to pay off. I choose to trust people and put my faith in them. I choose to trust me and put my faith in myself. I choose to believe that I can have the life that I want. A life of abundance and a life where I am happy and doing the things that I want to do now, not later. I choose.

I am grateful for Nora and Hailey singing.

I am grateful for Amber’s smile.

I am grateful for Guy being a mentor.

I am grateful for Ron being a mentor.

I am grateful for good friends in my life.

I am grateful for firing up the grill with friends.

I am grateful for sweat.

I am grateful for determination.

I am grateful for obstacles.

I am grateful for sitting and doing nothing.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch