I Control 100 Doors!!!

My next affirmation/vision/goal:

I control 100 doors. I have a massive passive income that protects me and my family should anything ever happen that makes it that I can no longer contribute to my financial well being.

This will impact me by making money a game of how much instead of a question of enough.  This will mean that I have the ability to do anything that I want because my wealth would be infinite (by Rich Dad Poor Dad’s definition).  I want to take the Summer (or Winter, Fall, or Spring) off, go ahead.  I want to travel with friends or family, go ahead.  I would be free

Amber, Hailey, and Nora would be able to do the exact same. I will be giving my children the gift of never having to wonder if they can afford it.  This will mean that whenever they have an amazing opportunity come along, money will not be an obstacle to taking it.

Plus, I am a great landlord. So this means that every single person who lives in my rentals knows that they never have to fight to get something fixed. It means that they get taken care of and they can have a worry-free existence while they choose to live in my rentals.  That is a huge impact and could equal thousands of people over the years.