I Am Sought Out to Help Others Grow!!!

I am sought out to help others grow.  People come to me to help make their lives better, and I consistently am helping others to become their best selves and have more happiness in their lives.

This will impact countless people who I get to work with, help, and grow.  Every person that I get to interact with over any medium will in some way grow. They will also go out and help others grow. And so on and so on. This will be the biggest impact on the world of all of my goals. This will be the biggest impact on my finances of all of my goals. The more you give, the more you get.

This will also impact my friends and family because, of course, they will be the most directly impacted, since they are the people who see me the most and who I have the deepest bond with.

This right here is the goal that proves that all of my goals are to impact the world, and not just me. I want to add value.