I am a person who decides what HE WANTS and goes to get it!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what am I working to achieve with my real estate business.  Talking with my coach, he talked to me about awareness, impact, and action. I need awareness of what I want. Then I need to think of the impact on me and my family. Finally how do I utilize that impact to help me get into action day in and day out.

I am a High D (DISC personality types), and I crave variety. So many times I find myself fighting just doing what I am supposed to do. So really, I see this as giving me two benefits. Number one is a clear vision of what I want. Number two is a reason to do the things that will get me to that vision.

So what am I trying to build and why?

First off, I want to build a business.  I do not want to build a job.  What I specifically mean by that is that I want to build something that serves people whether I am directly involved or not.  I want to run it and grow it, and to be able to go off and figure out other ways that I can help people.  I want to be able to take a summer off with my family, and when I come back the business is doing better than when I left.  I want to be able to go do adventures with family and friends anytime without having to think about whether I have the time or the money to do so.

I want to do this number one because I know that it is possible. I can have a life where I am in control.  I can have a life where I can give to my family, my friends, and myself happiness.  I am not saying that I can buy happiness, I am saying that I can add massive value to myself and others by showing what is possible.

This impacts me greatly. It would also impact my family.  I am going to look at this from both sides, what is the impact if I do it and what is the impact if I don’t do it.

If I do it: Growing up, everywhere I looked at people around me, everyone was mostly happy. At the same time, they didn’t seem to feel like they were in control. When I talked with them, or heard them talking to others everything was hope, or fantasy, or most of the time complaints.  I would tell people the things that I wanted for my life, and they would tell me to “be realistic” or start listing all of the reasons that it couldn’t happen, or simply scoff.  People’s default setting seems to be take what you can get, but you are probably not going to get much.  Some people are very lucky, and no one seemed to believe themselves to be those people.  Even the people whom I considered to be very lucky, did not see themselves that way.

Once I started searching for something different, I started to come across people who were proud to be the person that they themselves had created.  I want to be proud.  I will be the person who never gave up and built something that everyone else will look to and think that I am lucky. I will be the person who will show others the way that figure out that they can follow that way as well.

I want to show Amber, Nora, and Hailey that they can have any life they choose so long as they choose it and do what is necessary to get it.  My business is a way to build a life that I want. A financial life filled with abundance. A physical life filled with energy and health.  I am a person who decides what he wants and goes to get it.  This gives me pleasure in that I did it for myself. This gives my family me at my highest levels.  This gives those around me proof that not only do they know someone who can build the life he wants, and also that they can do it too.

If I don’t do it: I would be frustrated knowing that I have this potential within me and I squandered it on being lazy. I sacrificed my future for the moment.  I let myself down. I let Amber down. I want to give her the world.  This would barely be giving her me.  I let my daughters down. I want to show them that they can have anything. How would they believe that if I can’t even get what I want?

I have repeatedly chosen to do what many would think to be risky, selfish, and dangerous.  Doing so has made me see that I can do incredible things and fight through adversity I never even considered.  I would have to stop doing that and stop proving to myself that I can handle anything that comes.  So let me push and get more specific.

What do I really desire?

1. I run a 7th level real estate business.  I hire incredible people who take my business further than I ever could alone. They work and play at such a high level that others wish they could work for me.  I help to guide the business and grow the business. Others make it run day to day.

2. I am the energizer bunny. I have strength, energy, flexibility, health and stamina.  I can play anything with my kids and they get tired before I do.  I can bike with my friends, and take long hikes with Amber, Nora, and Hailey.

3. I control 100 doors. I have a massive passive income that protects me and my family should anything ever happen that makes it that I can no longer contribute to my financial well being.

4. I am sought out to help others grow.  People come to me to help make their lives better, and I consistently am helping others to become their best selves and have more happiness in their lives.

5. Amber, Nora, and Hailey are happy by their own standards, and they all three see me as a confidant and trusted adviser. I am consistently pushing them to grow and become who they truly want to be. (and understand who they truly want to be)

I know I can do this. I know that I can focus and grow me, which helps grow my family, my business, and my life.  I have felt the pride and joy of unprecedented success.  I can feel that constantly.  I can have the life that I WANT.

~Ryan Lynch